Monday, January 28, 2013

New Emergency Supplies--Product Training

New Product Training—Shelf Reliance just launched some new emergency products.

AquaPod Kit—this is a highly requested item.  Temporarily stores a large amount of water, depending on the size of your bath tub.  (65-100 gallons) water can be stored this way for up to 8 weeks. 

Catalog ID Number:  52569
Cost:  $22.99
Product Video:

Sawyer Point Two Water Filter—1 million gallon guaranteed (that is a ton of water).  Filter is a patented hollow filter membrane.   Will filter bacterial, protozoa, and virus.  This is designed to be attached to a bucket (or other container).  This is a gravity feed filter (not a pump) . 

Cost $139.99
ID number:  Catalog #52570

Quick Fire Stove:  comes with 2 fuel pucks, very efficient stove.  Boil water (1 cup in under 3 minutes).   Can burn sterno, alcohol, ebset, most any fuel will work with this stove.  Will hold up a cast iron pot (Dutch oven).  The stove is very strong.  Made from aluminized steal.

Cost: $18.99
ID Number: Catalog #66436

Static V Sleeping Pad: Very comfortable (says Bart). 
Cost: $58.79
ID Number: 50161
Product Page: 

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