Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why I am a Shelf Reliance Consultant

Today someone asked me why I am a Shelf Reliance Consultant. 
That little boy sitting on the counter "helping" me make brownies is a huge part of it.
I think my friend Misty said it the best. 
"Being a Shelf Reliance Consultant is unlike any job I've ever had: I get to stay at home with my kids, contribute substantially to my family's financial stability, become more self-reliant and truly help others every day! I'm so glad this opportunity found me!“  --Misty Marsh
I stay home and I’m a mom.  I make cookies, run kids to piano, and help with homework.   Then when my kids are taken care of I work super hard at my business.  And it pays off.   I make more now working my business part time than I did when I was teaching school full time.  
Looking back, I am amazed at how much my Shelf Reliance money has paid for.

 It has paid for a new roof:

A once in a lifetime trip to China with my sisters and mother:

A bunch of extra house payments:

And a couple of expensive van repairs (are there any car repairs that are not expensive?):


Being a Shelf Reliance consultant has changed my life.  We stress less about money.  I feel great about contributing to my family's income while raising my kids.  I am constantly interacting with amazing people, developing new skills and having a great time. 

If being a consultant is something you want in your life then now is the time to take advantage of a great opportunity!  All consultant kits are 20% off.  I invite you to join my team change your life.

Sign up to be a consultant, and then click “Start Here”   You will need to enter my info: enroller: Heather Lorimer, consultant ID #: 1209, e-mail:

Are you interested in what Shelf Reliance consultants make?  You can find out here:  What Do Shelf Reliance Consultants Make?


  1. I completely agree Heather! It is SO worth it! If you are considering joining Heather's team, you will not regret it if you do. She is a fabulous trainer and supportive enroller. (-:

  2. I would like to learn more about the company. I just came across your site from Brandy's (The Prudent Homeaker)web-site and blog. I learn so much from her that is helping me greatly with feeding my family from food storage and frugality. I am also excited to learn from you, Heather. I don't know how to link this comment but I will comment on Brandy's blog as requested.

  3. This seems like a great way to earn extra cash, while helping others eat well on a budget!

  4. Interesting- good info.

  5. This is really working for you. Way to go

  6. I like this idea and wanting to learn more. Already a sahm but would love to have a way to bring in some extra income doing something people can really use :-)