Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sun Oven Day 5: Rotisserie Chicken in the Sun Oven

I love cooking meat in the sun oven.  The meat is very tender and moist.   This recipe also works well in the crock pot.   

Because this recipe is naturally very moist sometimes it creates enough steam to fog up the glass on your sun oven.  If this happens then crack open the glass door and allow the steam to escape and then close the glass again.  Remember to cover your cooking pot with a lid to decrease the amount of condensation on the glass.

Rotisserie Chicken in the Sun Oven
printable recipe

1 whole chicken, skinned (4-5 pounds), or an equal amount of boneless skinless chicken breasts
teaspoons kosher salt
1 teaspoonspaprika
teaspoons onion powder
teaspoons dried thyme
teaspoons black pepper

Preheat your sun oven to 350 degrees. 

I use a 6 quart slow cooker insert.  (Yes I use my slow cooker insert in my sun oven, it works great, but only use if it is oven safe) for a 5 pound bird. If you have a dark colored large roasting pan with a lid, that will fit nicely in your sun oven that will work great.

If desired skin the chicken and remove the neck. Rinse chicken and pat dry.

In a bowl, combine all of dried spices. Rub the spice mixture all over the bird, inside and out. Plop the bird breast-side down into the slow cookeror roasting pan

Do not add water.   Cover and cook for about 1 hour. The chicken is finished cooking with the temperature on an instant read thermometer reads: 165 degrees and the chicken as reached the desired tenderness. 

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  1. Looks and sounds delicious! Hard to believe it was done in a sun-oven. I'm so intrigued by this cost saving process. I think it would be ideal for Florida.

  2. This looks yummy and it is so cool that it was cooked in a sun oven!

  3. I've always wanted a solar oven and I love cooking chicken - looks great!