Friday, May 4, 2012

THRIVE Smart Start Review

What is included in the Thrive Smart Start?  
When you purchase all three kits (3 months) you get
  •  1 recipe book with 26 recipes from Chef Todd Lenard, monthly menu planners, and shopping list cards
  •   50 Pantry cans of THRIVE foods
  •  12 pouches of THRIVE express (one of each)

Why would you want THRIVE Smart Start? 

As a customer the THRIVE Smart start is a great way to start the Q.  (I’m not just saying that I really do think it is).  It gives customers a chance to tray a wide variety of foods in a variety of recipes.  This is a great way for the to decide what they like and how they would use it. 

As a preper THRIVE Smart Start s is a great way to try before you buy.  Lots of prepers buy huge packages of food without ever tasting it only to find out it is not so good.  With the smart start program they get enough of the products that they can try it in every day recipes and then not have to open up the larger number 10 cans to see what is inside.

  As a busy mom—this is a great way to get healthy food on the table fast.  I know that I love having a variety of THRIVE foods in my home store, both to make dinner with and to give my kids as healthy snacks. 

Smart Start Resources:
·         Flyer: 
·         Smart Start FAQs

Things to know about THRIVE Smart Start
  • It is only available through the Q.
  • Cost is $149.99 per month
  •  It is cheaper to purchase in the Smart Start packs then to purchase individually, you receive a 5% discount with the THRIVE Smart Start pack compared to purchasing these products individually.
  • How to add Thrive Smart Start Packs to a Q.
Option 1: If you are setting up a new Q for the first time, you have the option to add the THRIVE Smart
Start pack to the Q through the THRIVE Planner. Step three of this process is called “Add Ons,” and you will be asked if you want to add the THRIVE Smart Start pack to your Q at that point. Select “Yes” to have the pack added to your Q.

Option 2: If you already have a Q and want to add the Smart Start pack, log in to your Q account. Select “View/Edit Q Settings and Shipments.” This will take you to your Q summary page. On that page, there is a left hand column. Select the “Add products” option from that column. This will bring up a “quick pick page” where you can select each of the three monthly packages.

My Review of THRIVE Smart Start Month 1. 

I was excited to get my box.  I opened it with my kids and it was super fun. 

Positive things:
  • It is a fun package to receive.  It is in a unique box that is very fun/friendly to open.
  • There are a lot of products.  I felt like I was unpacking a ton of stuff.
  • All of the recipes for the 3 kits come in the first shipment.  This is great because it has me looking forward to what will come next month.
  • I think this is a great way for people to try out a variety of the foods we offer, and really cook with the food to decide what things they like and what they don’t.  
  • I was a little worried that the recipes were going to be nothing new. But I am kind of excited to try them all.  How does Almond Apricot Thumbprint Cookies sound (from month 3) ?  Or Lemon Blueberry Crisp (from month 3)?  Or Sour Cream and Cheese Potatoes (from month 2)?   I’m pretty excited to try them. 
  • I like that the THRIVE express is included in each month.  This helps customers try a wide variety of products over time.  

Negative things about the THRIVE Quick Start:  
  • There is a lot of flour in the first shipment.  3 pantry cans of it.  I would personally never buy flour in a pantry can so I think it is kind of odd.  
  • There is no Freeze Dried Meat.  This is one of products that people really love and would have like to have had some meat in the package.  
    • The reason there is not meat is because they were trying to keep the price down and the meat is expensive.  
  • There are 5 recipes in month 1.  Cornbread, Cheese Bread, Strawberry Puree, Carmel Sauce, and Strawberry Banana Smoothie.    I thought it was kind of slim.  The caramel sauce and the strawberry puree are both toppings to put over ice cream or toast (or whatever).  But as I look at what comes in month 2 and 3 there are a lot more recipes. 
Conclusion:  I liked it. If I were buying it again I would.  I would recommend it to a friend or a customer.  I do think that if you are planning on purchasing the THRIVE Smart Start you should plan on purchasing all three months.    If you are looking into purchasing a large amount of food storage I would recommend purchasing the Smart Start as a way to decide what foods your family likes before you invest a ton of money. 

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