Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adoption: Amy and Jordan

A few years ago a friend of mine was in the process of adopting.  She told me that most adoptions happen because someone know someone who know someone.   She ended up adopting a baby through someone her hair dresser knew.  (Who would have guessed?)  I know Amy and Jordan and you know me and you just might know someone who might like to place a baby with this super fun couple. 

Let me tell you about Amy and Jordan. 

About 3 years ago when we bought our house we noticed an old farmhouse that was in terrible shape down the street from us.  (Does this photo look like the house is in bad condition? Because believe me it was)

We were soon excited to notice that someone was fixing up the house.  “What a HUGE undertaking” I thought.  We patiently watches the progress as this rundown house was turned into a super cute home. 

First the house was gutted then then slowing the walls came back up, flooring, roofing, siding, a new porch were all exciting improvements.   After the house was livable again Amy and Jordan moved in. The house is beautiful. 

The renovation of their house is, to me, symbolic of the couple who made the transformation take place.  Amy and Jordan, have had hard times (including 2 deployments for Jordan in Iraq) but they have worked hard and built a beautiful family with just the two of them. 

They play together.

They worship the Lord together.
 They are sometimes a little bit crazy.

They make it through hard times

And they are going to be amazing parents.
And now they are ready to take the next step in building their family, they are ready to adopt a child.

Take a  few minutes and read through their adoption profile and then keep them in mind.  

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  If you run across anyone who is interested in placing a baby with them, please share their profile.  

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  1. praying for this couple to have the child of their hearts, for the Lord to bless them.