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Tell Me More About Becoming a Shelf Reliance Consultant

A few days ago a friend of mine shared an article from USA today on Facebook.  The article Direct sales (like Avon, Mary Kay) offer recession-proof jobs  is one that I read in 2009 when it was written.   At the time I was pregnant with my third child, we had just moved into a new house, and we had just had a major unexpected expenses come up (read: a catastrophic flood).   Reading the article again has made me think about why I became a consultant and it made me want to share a little more about becoming a Shelf Reliance Consultant.


I had not really ever thought of myself as someone who would be involved in a direct sales business.  But reading the article, for the first time in 2009,  made me think of girl I knew that was very successful in her home based business.  I met Brandi Barnard, at a Stampin’ Up party I attended about 10 years ago.  At the time I was a very poor student, who was working a lot, and going to a lot of school.  
I was impressed with Brandi.  She was doing something she loved, making good money and  being a stay at home mom.  One thing I noticed right away was that Brandi was always going on exotic trips and cruises, which she had earned as a part of her business.    I’m not creative enough to be a Stampin’ Up consultant and I knew it.  But I did wonder if there was something similar out there for me. 

When the time came that I started being interested in a home based business, I was at a place in my life where I needed to do something more for my family and myself, I started researching home based business.  

I started asking my friends (and random people I would run into)  that were consultants selling candles, dry mixes, dishes, or kitchen products, a bunch of questions.   

Questions I had for direct sales/home party consultants.

 1.  Are you making money?
2.  Does your company sponsor trips or cruises?  
3.  If you were starting over would you do this again?
4.  Do consultants get a great discount?

I was a little surprised at the answers I received.  I asked a friend who was a consultant for one company that I was very interested in and she told me that she didn’t really make any money.  I was surprised because she was always buys with parties and events.  She loved the products and she was able to support her "habit" by being a consultant. She didn’t go on trips.  But she did get a great discount.

That is not what I was looking for.  If I was going to spend my time on a direct sales business I wanted to treat it as a business and make money at it.  

It took me about six months to find Shelf Reliance.  I when I did I wasn’t sure it was the right thing for me.  Fortunately my husband saw that it was and encouraged me to try it out.  I became a consultant and I am so glad that I did.  

Let me answer the same four questions  as if you were my friend and wanted to know more about becoming a Shelf Reliance Consultant.   

1.  As a Shelf Reliance Consultant are you making money?

Yes.  A lot more then I thought I would.  I make more now as a part time Shelf Reliance Consultant than I did when I was teaching school full time.  

When my husband and I first talked about me becoming a consultant he said.  “This is perfect for you.  And what are we out if you try it for a couple of months and decide it isn’t for you?  $200 (the start up kit) and a little time.  It is well worth the investment because it might turn into something great.”  

How right he was.  I make good money as a consultant.  I work hard and I earn the money I make but I make great money (you can check out the specifics on what consultants make here). 

A big part of my business comes from the sales generated by this blog.  Thanks to everyone who has purchased from my site.  

2.  Does your company sponsor trips or cruises?  

Yes.  Shelf Reliance sponsors a contest each year, sending qualifying consultants to exotic destinations for an all expense paid trip.  This year's trip is to Costa Rica.  You can check out the details on this fabulous vacation here.  This year’s contest runs from April 2nd to September 1st.  

Last year Shelf Reliance trip was to Cancun Mexico.  I had two consultants on my team earn the trip.  One joined Shelf Reliance just before the contest was announced and one joined a little after.  

Are you wondering what a Shelf Reliance trip is like?  Here is a recap of last years.

3.  If you were starting over would you do this again?
    Yes.  I absolutely would.  I have had a wonderful time, made wonderful friends, and really had a chance to stretch and grow as I develop new talents.  

4.  Do consultants get a great discount?
    Yes--If they are actively working the business.  My house is now full of products that I got for free or ½ off from Shelf Reliance.  

How does the Shelf Reliance Consultant discount work?
The Shelf Reliance consultants discount is based on the consultants sales volume.  For every $500 I sell I receive $50.00 at ½ off.  I also receive 10% of orders placed outside parties in free product (I get the host benefit on orders that are not from a party, such as orders from the Black Friday sale, from my consultant URL, etc).  

Should I become a Shelf Reliance consultant for the discount if I don’t really want to work the business? 

Honestly No.  If you are looking for a great discount on Shelf Reliance products but don’t really want to work the business then becoming a consultant is not the right thing for you.   

Then what is the best way to get a great discount on Shelf Reliance Products?

  • Talk to me and I’ll help you find a great deal.  There are several unadvertised sale item that are only available through a consultant that are AMAZING deals.
  • Host a party.  You can host a party at your home or do an online party. Either way when you share a product you love with your friends everyone wins.  Shelf Reliance hosts receive a great discount.   
  • Become a Platinum Q customer.  When you have a q of $100 a month you automatically get the platinum Q club for free.  This is a great way to get a lot of discounts.
    • Each month you get a Q-pon for 15%-30% discount off the home party price of a specific product.  .
    • You accrue points through a program that works like frequent flyer miles.

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, or have questions about how to get a great discount on Shelf Reliance products.  Please contact me at

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