Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A new set up for expos and events.

It is event season.  

Last weekend a few members of our team had a booth at a fair.  They set up the booth a little differently and it worked out great.  

The background:  At expos events and fairs my goal is always to schedule parties, sign up consultants and to set up Qs.  I don’t sell a lot of product.  I don’t take anything to the expo to sell.  

I pass out samples because we all know that tasting the food is critical to people being interested.  But at a couple of events I have had problems with kids eating or touching all of my samples.   

The solutions:  Lori and Autumn had a great idea.  They set up the main table across the front of the booth and then set up a small table behind them.  They set their samples up on this table and then as people approached the booth they offered them a sample.  When they said yes they then handed them the sample.  It worked great!  Samples were kept under control but were still available for customers to try.  It also provided a spot for materials to but placed keeping the front of the booth clean.  

Here is how it turned out.

Look how cute Erin and Elise look!

Display of THIRVE cans and emergency products.

This is their drawing box and the things they are giving away.  

View of the sample table

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