Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where do I put my food storage? I built my own rotating can rack

Recently a reader, Fawn, shared this awesome idea with me.  She installed tilted shelves under the snack bar in her kitchen. 

She has always wanted rotating shelves but didn't have anywhere to put them.  Living in a small space with a very small pantry and no basement, her options were very limited.   So she got creative and with the help of her handy husband converted the shelves under her kitchen snack bar into a rotating shelf. 

She fills the shelves from the back (where the counter over hangs and the stools are -- not really easy access, but not too hard either).  Then she takes out the cans she needs from the front.

Very cleaver!
Thanks for sharing Fawn!

If you are interested in reading more about it visit her blog: Granny In a Nutshell.
Photos in this post are used with permission. 

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