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Food Storage Celebrety: Food Storage Tips

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Did you know there are food storage celebrities?  I have asked my favorite food storage celebrities to share their top 5 food storage tips.  These are things that they wish they had known when they first got into food storage. Hopefully the tips they share over the next month will help you one your food storage journey.  

Crystal Godfrey is the queen of food storage.  You might recognize her from her amazing website: Everyday Food Storage or from her awesome book: I Can't Believe It's Food Storage, or from her TV appearances on Studio 5.  

I must confess that Crystal's blog was the first blog  I ever read, and I totally blog stalked her blog (this was before I know about Google reader) and I would visit her blog every day to see if she had posted something new.  If you haven't checked out Crystal's blog before, my favorite recipes are:  French Bread, Sunshine Crepes, and Cookie Clay Dough (in the photo above).

I love how her recipes use my food storage and they are  things that my family will eat happily.  The tips Crystal shares below are great advise for those just starting out and for those of us who have been around a while.  Here is what she has to say about food storage.

My Top 5 Food Storage Tips By Crystal Godfrey

1. Get out of your comfort zone!  

 I would have told you that you were crazy if you had told me when I first starting using food storage that one day I'd be putting beans in my brownies, making yogurt from powdered milk-or even drinking it for that matter, or that my wheat grinder would become a permanent structure on my counter!  Everything is worth a try at least once and most of the time I've been pleasantly surprised-even if it does sound crazy!

2. Don't warn your family! 

Don't ever warn your family that what you're cooking has food storage. Try first to put it in your own recipes, your family will assume you made it like always-unless you tell them.  There are some things my family still has no idea they've eaten it...and I like to keep it that way! ;)

3. Don't listen to what the outside world has to say! 

 I've heard it all food hoarder, crazy, worrier, I've heard them all and do you know what?  I absolutely do not care!  They can say what they want but for someone who has lived through job loss, pay cuts, and a bad economy-I know none of what they are saying is true.  Whatever you do, do not stop working on your food storage.


 It took me a long time to start-even after I knew I wanted to because I felt like I had to have everything figure out FIRST.  It isn't true.  If you work on it a little at a time then you can find the money and the space for it.  Better yet, you can even learn to cook with it too!

5. Share it!  

One thing I didn't expect when I first started with food storage was how much it would allow me to share and help others.  I can now give generously to food drives, make dinners for others on short notice, or help others learn to cook with food storage.  It will save families!

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  1. Some day Heather will be a food storage celebrity! Great tips Crystal.