Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to drive traffice to you Shelf Reliance URL

 So you have set up a Shelf Reliance consultant URL now what?  Well if you are going to have it be profitable you will need to create some mechanism to drive traffic to your URL.

How to drive traffic to you Shelf Reliance URL

1. Put it on your business card and on car vinyl and on everything else you ever hand out to anyone.

2. Add it to your signature at the end of e-mails

3.  Each month when you send out monthly specials to your customers be sure to include it.

4.  Harness the power of the blogosphere.  Start your own blog, or advertise on someone elses blog, do a give a way on a blog you read.  You can find buttons you can use here. 

5.  Start your own facebook page and link to it.  (It is not okay to link to your store from the corporate shelf reliance facebook page.  Please do not it is against company policy, your link will be removed and you will be sad)

6.  Join a forum and start participating. Adding useful comments to any related forum will help.

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