Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Much Do Thrive Life Consultants Make per Party?

I was recently asked how much money I make per party.  After doing some figuring I make on average $135.00 per party or $33.00 per hour after expenses. 

Let’s take an in depth look.

The average party takes me about 4 hours of work. (Note new consultants should plan it taking longer)

My average party sales are about $1,500, which is slightly higher than the company average but I feel like it accurately represents what experienced consultants are doing.  

Consultants earn 10% commission off of party sales.  So I earn $150.00 in commission.

 At each party I figure that I spend about $15.00 in samples, literature, travel and other expenses.  

Making my take home $135.00 per party or $33.00 per hour.  I am pretty happy with that.

*Thrive Life offers customers the Q program.  This is a way for customers to build their food storage over time while staying with in a budget.  Consultants get paid commission for each Q purchase a customer makes, creating residual income for the consultant.   I did not factor the residual income into that number. 

**Thrive Life is a MLM company and I also get paid off of the efforts of my down line.    I did not factor any of my team sales into that number. 

A personal note, After I had been a consultant for 18 months I was making more money each month then I made when I was teaching school full time, which I think is pretty amazing for a stay at home mom who is working part time.  I'm not a superstar salesman but I work hard.

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