Thursday, November 22, 2012

Harvest 72 #10 Shelf for $229. The best price ever.

If you have been building your food storage you know that shelving is an important part of any food storage plan.  I had been eyeing the Harvest 72 #10 for years before I bought one. I wish I had bought it sooner.  I put my first one up and bought two more right away.  If you have been eyeing the Harvest 72 too now is the time to get one. Shelf Reliance is currently has them on sale for $229!  $229 (I paid a lot more then that for mine)  if I had more room I'd buy another one.   

What I love about the Harvest 72 #10

  • It keeps my food storage organized.  It is easy to find what I need and inventory what I have.
  • It holds a ton of food storage.  Before I had my harvest #10's  my storage strategy was to leave everything in boxes and stack it up.  It seemed to me that it was the most space efficient way to store my stash.  When I set up my first harvest #10 I was so excited to see that I could fit much more in the shelf then I could stacking boxes.  
  • It is reasonably easy to put together.  I'm not really very good at building and I put mine together with the help of a rubber mallet and the directions in the box.  It took me about an hour to put mine up. 

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The Details: 

Harvest 72” #10  Sale Price: $229.00
The sale will end on December 16th at Midnight or while supplies last.
*The Harvest 72” #10 is not available in Canada or Puerto Rico. To get the promo price, orders for this item needs to be placed through the Back Office with the Catalog ID number 11949.
Catalog ID: 11949
Retail: $459.99
HP Price: $264.99

The Harvest 72" #10 is a revolutionary food rotation system offered by Shelf Reliance. Designed to hold 112 gallon size cans, this system offers versatility and convenience by taking the hassle out of can storage. The Harvest 72" #10 features patented front-loading technology that automatically rotates cans on a first in first out basis. This unique food rotation system guarantees a more organized pantry or storage room in minutes. 

Tech Specs
Dimensions Capacity Up to 112 gallon-sized cans
Height 72"Depth 24.5"Width 36.5"

  • 58 food label magnets included
  • Large tracks hold up to 7 gallon size cans

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Some Food Storage Shelf Photos to drool over

What others are saying about the Harvest 72  #10

  1. Never going back

    I just finished putting my #10 cans in my new shelves and I love it. I previously had my #10 cans in boxes, which held 6 cans each. This shelving system got rid of 18 1/2 of my boxes!! Talk about freeing up space on my shelves. My husband was a bit skeptical (only because of the price). He knew they'd be great but wondered if it was worth the money. Now, he's telling me to order a regular harvest one that will hold all sizes of cans. I can't wait to get my other one in so that my pantry and cupboards will be organized. I'll never go back to storing cans the old way again.
    C.Miller  3/21/12
  2. Great for organization!

    This shelf had been sitting in our basement for several months because we are planning to move. We finally broke down and put it together last night and now I'm sorry we waited so long. The assembly went very quickly. It's so nice to have the cans out and visible instead of in boxes. Initially I was concerned about the plastic components, but it seems to be very sturdy.
    JessO.  3/12/12
    1. Fantastic Product!

      I can't believe how many gallon cans this system will hold! We now have our storage out of the boxes that were cluttering our garage and rotating like they should be. Thank you for the great customer service. We will be back to buy these for our married kids this Christmas.
      c. johnson  10/29/09

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