Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where Do I Put My Food Storage? In the front room

One of the biggest challenges with food storage is where to put it.  This is especially true for those living in homes or apartments without a basement, cold storage, or other appropriate food storage area.    For years I have heard of people putting their food storage under beds, behind couches, or disguised as an end table, but I was never thrilled with the idea of storing food storage in the main living area of the house until I saw this cleaver solution. 

The K family has limited storage space for food storage, so they have to be creative.  They do however have a large family room.  After seeing some amazing built in shelves they wondered if they could do the same thing and use the shelves to store their food storage. 

They purchased enough shelving to fill the entire wall space making this shelving look built in.   Because the shelving was going to contain food storage they opted for cabinets with doors, solid on the bottom half and glass on the top half.  

 The idea was they would put the more decorative food storage (beautiful cans and home canned fruits) on display on the top half and put the less attractive buckets, cans, and jars on the bottom half. 

The middle section contains solid doors all the way up, they could have chosen an entertainment center for this spot, but opted instead for the increased storage space. 

The details: 
 This shelving was purchased from IKEA and includes: 
  • Billy Extra Deep, ($79 with out the doors,  $129 with doors).   Be carefull that you get the EXTRA DEEP,  it is kind of hard to find (and not on the website).  Look in the living room section.  
  • Billy Wall Shelf ($40.00 plus doors)
  • PAX model Bergsbo  (2 door includes door $189).   The PAX is the same height as the billy only if you add the wall shelf on top of the Billys.  The PAX is slightly deeper then the Billy's, so the K family pulled the Billys slightly forward from the wall and then used the included kits to attache them to the wall (so they don't fall over in an earth quake)
Question:  Do you store any of your food storage in the front room? If so how?

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