Monday, January 16, 2012

24 Oz Scoop and Ready Rack

24 Oz Scoop
 ID number 33516  Q Club Price $7.445

I’ve actually been looking for some scoops to use in my bulk food storage for a while.  I really like this one.    It is lovely, very solid construction and a good size. 

I recommend this product to customers when they purchase buckets.  If you are going to have a bucket of something you need a scoop for that bucket. 

I LOVE it and I’m going to buy one for each of the products I buy in buckets. 

Ready Rack (2 large Row, 2 Drawer)
ID number 19946
Q Club Price:  $274.99. 

This is a good shelf.  You can purchase it in a bunch of different configurations.  Large or small rollers, etc.  You can see all the variations on the price list. 

The ready rack has a problem.  It is a nightmare to put together.  No really it is darn near impossible.  I’ve had one at my house for a couple of months and 3 different adults have tried to put it up.  Needless to say it is a pain.  So I wanted to pass on my advice in case you buy one or you sell one be sure to NOT follow the directions and put the drawers in first.  It is not possible to put them in after the rollers are in.    With that said it is a great shelf if you are looking to store some foods that don’t come in number 10 cans or are looking for a place to store your emergency preparedness supplies. 

Shelf Reliance is aware that the directions are lacking and are working on updating them.  But in the meantime be sure to let any customers know the trick to putting it together.

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