Friday, October 14, 2011

Where Do I Put My Food Storage? C’s Cleaver Use of Space

Sometimes when I look at photos of other peoples food storage I sigh and think “but I don’t have a pantry/root cellar/storage room”  (okay I do really have a storage room but no pantry)I could never do something like that.   That is why I love this idea.  Everyone has some kind of space and with a little ingenuity you can use the space more effectively.

Side Note: You might have noticed that at the end of each of the "Where do I put my food storage" posts there is a form you can fill out to share your photos or ideas.  C from A Matter of Preparedness shared her some of her great ideas. I'd love it if you would share your ideas too.

C repackages her food storage staples from number 10 cans into these plastic  containers (which are gallon sized so hold the same amount) .  By doing this she was able to fit considerably more items on her shelf.  

Take a look--her pantry now holds more than TWICE as much!

Now she can 16 containers on the same shelf that previously held 7 number 10 cans.  WOW!.   This is due to the fact that the containers that she is using are taller and skinnier and SQUARE thus using the space more effectively.  Because they are square she is able to lay them on the side and stack them.  I love square containers they are an efficient use of space.   The containers she uses are from Alison’s Pantry, ($10.99 for 4) I love how she labeled the top of each one so she can easily tell what is what.

Take a look at the entire pantry. 

C has also been busy organizing her freezer.   I think we have all been frustrated when we open the freezer and can’t find what we are looking for.  C has containerized and labeled everything. 

This makes it much easier to find what she is looking for and to see what she needs to stock up on.  I really like having an organized freezer because than when you find a great deal on something like chicken or beef you know if you have room for it and if you need it or not.  

Thanks for Sharing C!  If you have a great idea on where you store your food storage please share it with us! We’d love to see your pantry, freezer, cold storage, root cellar, or anywhere else you store food.


  1. Wow--my freezer is in total chaos. I LOVE this idea!

  2. Great organizational ideas. I like to use plastic baskets rather than totes in the freezer.

  3. Thanks for sharing our ideas from "A Matter of Preparedness". I sure appreciate your blog and all your great recipes and ideas. Thanks!


  4. I'm happy to see a post about organization in small spaces. I don't have a lot of pantry space, and these are great ideas to maximize space!