Monday, August 22, 2011

More on the White Board Video

Earlier this week SR released a new video that I am so excited about.  It is a video of Lisa Warnick doing the White Board presentation.  In case you don’t know Lisa is consultant #1, as in the very first consultant ever.  She has been instrumental in developing the home party program and she really knows her stuff.  If you haven’t watched the video yet, you can see it on YouTube.

A couple of things you might be wondering about the presentation

When should I do it in my presentation?
Well it really depends on you.  Many consultants like to talk about the Q very first while customers are alert and interested, and before the consultant forgets it. I personally do the white board presentation at the end because that is where I think it fits best in my presentation.

What supplies do and I need and where do I get them?  

               White Board—Costco, whatever dry erase board you get make sure it is magnetic

Magnets—You received some magnets in your starter kit.  You can use them or you can purchase the new magnets from SR.   The new magnets are better, they are color coded and I think work better for the presentation.  The ID number is 15773.  There have been some problems with the magnets being ordered from the back end.  Right now it is not working, so if you want to order them, just call customer service.

A white board marker—get a couple , it seems like they always die at an inopportune time and it is not something a host is likely to have, so you will want a backup.

She talks about waving the $79 signup fee and the annual fee?  Is that typical?

She is talking about it when they sign up at the $100.00 level and they are given free platinum status.  When that happens the $79 signup fee is waived (as is the renewal).  I think it would be a little clearer is you said “Tonight we are waiving the $79.00 signup fee for everyone that signs up at the $100.00 a month level”

The Q at the bronze Q club level is always FREE.  The Q club adds additional benefits and when they sign up at the $100. 

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