Monday, June 27, 2011

Beat the Heat 12 Minuet Microwave Cake

So this cake is not beautiful but it is tasty

I am teaching my son to cook.  He is 6 and has been helping me in the kitchen since he was tiny.  Right after school got out he asked me to teach him how to cook in the microwave.  So we taught him how to make instant oatmeal, and then I realized that he really wanted to learn how to cook! 

(Rant about teaching children to cook, you can skip to the ***** to see the recipe if you want)
I am so excited.  I feel strongly that one of the my responsibilities I have is to teach my children life skills.  You know how to cook, do laundry, balance a check book, register to vote, buy a major appliance etc.  

When I was in college I was seriously dating a boy (who I did not marry)  and after we had dated for a long time and I had cooked for him a LOT I was leaving to do a semester abroad and he asked that if before I went if I would help teach him how to cook some of the foods I made that he really liked.  I thought that was a great idea.  By this point in the relationship I knew that if I did not cook for him he would eat the same thing every day (and I am not making this up) 

Breakfast:  Cold Cereal (usually Lucky Charms)

 Lunch: Ham Sandwiches (yes everyday)
Dinner: Popcorn (or sometimes waffles but usually popcorn)

Do you notice anything wrong with this menu?   Beside the fact that popcorn alone does not in my book constitute a meal there is a distinct lack of fruits and vegetables. 
So what amazing things did he want to know how to cook? 
Spaghetti: (boil noodles, heat sauce from a can, grate cheese, and assemble)

Burritos: (tortilla, refried beans, cheese, salsa)

Not earth shattering I know. But for him it changed his life.  And the experience changed mine. He was eating terribly not because he was poor (he was) but because he lacked BASIC cooking skills.  I know his sweet mother and honestly I view his lack of cooking skills as a parenting fail on her behalf. (I know I am judgmental, but that is how I feel) His sister who was later my roommate know how to cook but somehow he did not. 

To make this very long story short.  I decided then and there that my sons would know how to cook.  So I am super excited that my son is interested in cooking. 

(*******Okay if you skipped the rant about teaching your kids to cook you can start reading again)

Our first big lesson was today.  He very successfully make 12 minuet microwave cake (with a little help)

12 Minute Chocolate Lemon Yogurt Cake

1    cup frosting (we used lemon curd)
1 chocolate cake mix 
3 eggs
2 cups  yogurt

Spray microwave safe bunt pan with non-stick spray. (NOTE: You may substitute 2-qt microwave safe bowl. Place a microwave safe glass or cup in center of bowl to create a bunt pan. Spray glass and bowl with non-stick spray.)  Spread frosting in bottom of bunt pan.  Combine cake mix, eggs, and yogurt. Beat until smooth, batter will be thick. Spread cake batter in bunt pan; microwave on high, 12 minutes. If microwave is not equipped with an automatic turntable - microwave 3-4 minutes, turn bowl one quarter turn; repeat process until cake is down. If low-wattage microwave is used, cook until done (a toothpick inserted in center should come out clean).

Allow cake to set 5-10 minutes to absorb frosting. Remove glass and invert on serving plate. Serve warm with ice cream. Serves 12

NOTES: Experiment with your favorite cake mixes and frosting flavors for variety. I have substituted sour cream for the yogurt. I have also substituted a 21 oz can fruit pie filling for yogurt and sour cream. Cherry pie filling goes well in chocolate and served up with chocolate ice cream.

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