Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Freeze Dried Onions vs. Dehydrated Onions

Just think, no more chopping onions.  I love onions but my husband likes onions to be chopped very finely.  I do NOT like chopping onions. Do you see the problem?  I started using dry onions and the problem is solved. No more picking out all of the onions.

Shelf Reliance sells two different kind of onions. Dehydrated and Freeze Dried.  What is the difference?  I made this table so you could compare the two.
If you want to see the detail in the photos click on them.

Dehydrated OnionsFreeze Dried Onions

Open 2 years

Open 2 years
IngredientsWhite OnionWhite Onion
Price as of 2/11/11$12.55 for #10 can$17.39 for #10 can
AppearanceFinely chopped onionsTiny puffs
Add hot water, let soften

Add hot water, let soften
GMO FreeYesYes
Gluten FreeYesYes
MSG FreeYesYes

So the sum up. We have tried both and like both. I think in our food storage we are going to store the dehydrated. Why?  Because the freeze dried float when you make soup, and it kind of wierds me out. (My husband says I am crazy, no one would notice floating onions but me). 


  1. Wow! I didn't realize there were two different kinds... I looked and mine are dehydrated. :o)
    I agree these are GREAT to have and use!

  2. FYI...they eventually sink in soup. My leftovers all have the onions on bottom even if they floated originally :)