Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Much Do Thrive Life Consultants Make per Party?

I was recently asked how much money I make per party.  After doing some figuring I make on average $135.00 per party or $33.00 per hour after expenses. 

Let’s take an in depth look.

The average party takes me about 4 hours of work. (Note new consultants should plan it taking longer)

My average party sales are about $1,500, which is slightly higher than the company average but I feel like it accurately represents what experienced consultants are doing.  

Consultants earn 10% commission off of party sales.  So I earn $150.00 in commission.

 At each party I figure that I spend about $15.00 in samples, literature, travel and other expenses.  

Making my take home $135.00 per party or $33.00 per hour.  I am pretty happy with that.

*Thrive Life offers customers the Q program.  This is a way for customers to build their food storage over time while staying with in a budget.  Consultants get paid commission for each Q purchase a customer makes, creating residual income for the consultant.   I did not factor the residual income into that number. 

**Thrive Life is a MLM company and I also get paid off of the efforts of my down line.    I did not factor any of my team sales into that number. 

A personal note, After I had been a consultant for 18 months I was making more money each month then I made when I was teaching school full time, which I think is pretty amazing for a stay at home mom who is working part time.  I'm not a superstar salesman but I work hard.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How Much Do Thrive Life Consultants Make?

A Real Life Example Broken Down By Rank

I thought it might be helpful to many of my readers to know how much money I made/make as a Thrive Life Consultant.   The following is a list of what the average consultant makes at each rank (numbers are from Thrive Life) and then a real life example of what I actually made as I worked through the ranks.  
I often get asked how much Thrive Life Consultants make. Here is my best answer.

As a Consultant the average Thrive Life commission is $60 a month. 
This would pay for your Q which in essence means you are getting your food storage for "free” or at least the cost of your time to do about one party a month. This is good in that you are not subtracting from the household budget while accumulating your food storage.

As a consultant I made a wide range of commissions, my first month I made $25.70.  I was the rank of consultant for several months.  The last month I was a consultant I made about $200.00 in commission.  I think that this is a pretty common situation.  It takes a while to get parties set up and your business rolling. 

As a Mentor the average Thrive Life commission check is $400. 

An extra $400 coming in can make the difference a lot of us are looking for. I know it makes me sound totally cheap but an extra $400 a month was big/is money to me. 
As a mentor I made on average about $500.00 in commission a month

As a Director the average Thrive Life commission check is $800.  

As a director I made about $550.00 in commission a month.  I was only a director for a very short time. 

As an Executive Director the average Thrive Life commission check is $1000. 

This is nearly a house payment (depending on your house).   This is the extra fun stuff you want but don't want to purchase out of your regular monthly income.
As an executive I made about $1,300.00 in commission a month

As a Silver Executive the average Thrive Life Commission check is $2000.

 As a silver executive I make about $2050.00 in commission each month. I hit Silver Executive after being a consultant for 14 months.   

As a Gold Executive the average commission in a month is $3000.

This is enough to replace income.
As a Gold Executive I make about $2,800.00 a month.   I hit gold executive after being a consultant for 19 months.  

As a Platinum Executive the average commission in a month is $6000! 
And this number will only get bigger as your team grows.
I hit Platinum Executive for the first time in November of 2012. That month I made $6,253.31 in commission.    I became a platinum executive after being a consultant for 31 months.  You might notice that it took me a year to progress from Gold Executive to Platinum.  The jump in team sales between the two is pretty large (gold is $100,000 in team sales, and Platinum is $200,000 in team sales) which is a big jump.  It is very typical for a consultant to be a Gold Executive for a longer time while they build their team to get up to the Platinum mark.
One of the benefits of being a Platinum Executive was my very own cartoon pirate.  Given to me by my upline.  I always wanted to be a cartoon character.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Commissions: How do Thrive Life Consultants Get Paid?

 Thrive Life Consultants get paid three ways.

Flat orders — You get a 10% commission on all one-time orders placed through you or your consultant URL.  This is for all Thrive Life products including shelving, food and emergency supplies

Q customers — This is a great way to build a steady income.  When customers sign up for a Q, you get paid off of it every month.  1st month Q sales get paid on a scale between 20-32%.  After this first month, you will get paid 5% commission as long as their Q remains active.  See this chart for more Q details.

Team Building — The last way to earn money as a Thrive Life Consultant is to multiply your efforts through team building.  For every new consultant that signs up on your first level, you will receive a $50 sign up bonus.  You also get paid commission on sales for up to 3 levels of your down-line.  This chart shows the requirements for each rank and the down-line earnings.
Your Personal
THRIVE Q Payment
Personal Sales
Monthly Team
Sales (You + 3 levels)
Your Team Earnings
level 1
level 2
level 3





Silver Executive

Gold Executive
Platinum Executive

You will notice that team earnings are based on 3 requirements:
1. Your personal THRIVE Q order for the month
2. Total personal sales for the month (these include your party orders for the month as well as any Q orders that processed that month)
3. Total team sales for the month (your sales plus three levels below you)
Earnings are based on the lowest qualifying total.

Note: Monthly totals are based on the calendar month. Team earnings will fluctuate according to each month’s totals, however your rank will remain at its highest point.
You might be interested in reading “How Much Do Thrive Life Consultants Make?” this is an in depth look at how much money I personally made as I hit each rank. 

What Does It Take To Become A Thrive Life Consultants?

What does it take to become a Thrive Life Consultant?

1.        Buy a Starter Kit.
The basic starter kit is $199.  There are a couple of options on kits that range in price from $199 up to $899.99.   All of the kits are great, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Consultant Value Starter kit which is $289.  You can see all the options here. 

2.      Choose an Enroller
As a consultant you will be forever tied to the person you enroll under.  They will be your mentor, your trainer, your go to person to get problems solved, and hopefully your friend.  Choose carefully.  I recommend that you look for someone that is actively working the business (even if you don’t plan to do many parties).  With an active enroller you can get accurate up to date information, ongoing training, and all the support you will need as a new consultant.    You must have an enroller in order to sing up as a consultant. 
If you would like to enroll on my team you can sign up here:
Click on the blue “Get Started Button”
When you get the Enroller Information enter: 
Enroller: Heather Lorimer
Phone: 435-535-1470
ID #:  1209
            3.       Sign Up on the Thrive Life Q
Once you become a Thrive Life consultant; there are no sales quotas.  The only requirement to remain an active consultant and get paid your commission is to keep your personal Q active at $50 a month.  That’s it.  I love building my family's home store with the Q.  It comes straight to my door and is so convenient; it takes no thought on my part. 

4.      Plan on completing the PATH. 
Thrive Life had a consultant training program called the PATH this is a comprehensive program designed to help you understand the company and your role as a consultant.  Completing the path takes a couple of hours (spread out over your first few weeks as a consultant).  Completing the PATH is technically optional but I recommend that everyone complete it regardless of their plans as a consultant.

To read more about becoming a Thrive Life Consultant, you can visit the company website.